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How It Works

Upload your flag design, or send us a description to create your design

We process and you approve your custom design

We make your flag and ship it to you

What We Do

Designing a custom flag can be a very complicated process, from researching different companies to paying expensive designing fees and navigating confusing instructions.

At Feisty Flags, we believe there is a more simple way with an all-in-one website to get a custom flag. We are trusted flag makers and have created a simple process for designing custom flags. Follow our process and receive the custom flag you’ve been searching for!

What We Provide

Fast & Free Shipping

100% free and super fast. Once your order your custom flag, we process your order asap. Shipped via FedEx, customers usually receive their order within 6-8 days.

Friendly Customer Service

We are happy to offer custom flag designs at no extra charge. When we receive your inquiry, our flag professionals create your design and can answer your questions.

Secure Payments

We don’t collect personal information outside of what’s needed to process and ship your orders. We never sell any personal information that you provide.

We Love Our Customers

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